See Me Now

See me now…

At the feet of bitterness I make my rest

Tattered and whipped from the tides of time

The name is Ivory

My face, adversity

And life…consuming misery

Never alone but always lonely

Strangers, Saints and Foes all knew my name or my body

Every piece of me, sweeter than a rare rose dipped in honey

At least that’s what He said…

One of the John’s who shared my bed

A dashing monster, though I couldn’t refuse his huge collection of dead presidents

After all I had to survive… Just as my mom did

After the coward left, she had no choice

We had to eat and the bills were due

She had no job and no skill but two…

Quite simply Nothings free

And then there was me

Mature but unripe, the prey of my plight is all I could be

You see, the life chose me!

See me now…

When I wanted to be good

My mind was saying no but my body answered yes

The hunger and distress was too much for me

Money and sex… not so complex

But drugs interceded

In me was what they needed and in their arms was my bread

Nobody told me that there was an end… The mass was conceited.

Money bought a debt

To me it was freedom

But freedom aint free

What happened to Ivory

See me now…

My body just a shell

A shattered soul peeps out at the world

A defenseless girl, still looking for rescue

This life has a menu and I have a daughter

I can’t let it serve her.

I lay myself down one last time…

Not for a dime, for this cycle to cease.

A vision of peace that money can’t buy

My sunset has come and Light sets me free as my child empties me

It’s all I could be

You see

This life chose me….

© 2015

x Just Keisha x


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