That Feeling

I’ve heard about this feeling that grows deep within a heart,

A friend told me about it, said she’d felt it from the start.

Said there were no words that she could use to bring it out,

All she knew was she was happy from the time her feelings sprout.

Another said he knew it too, he’d felt it once before,

It was no emotion on the surface, it grew right from the core.

And although they had their troubles full, they could not help but smile,

Because they had someone who loved them true and not for style.

I really loved to see the way that both their eyes lit up,

When they both spoke of the lucky ones that overflowed their cup.

My interest peaked and i now seek the feelings they had felt,

As now i search the world for the same cards that they were dealt.

I need to smile that happy smile even when problems reign,

And eat the food and drink the drink that’s served on lovers’ train.

Soon i will be blessed and talk about that feeling in my heart,

I’ll write poems too just for him to read when we’re apart.


© 2011 (Found this in my Facebook notes from 2011 but I believe I wrote this before then.)

2 thoughts on “That Feeling

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  1. Hi Keisha,

    How are you, only today I was introduced to you and your blog. I love the way your blog is presented. I have only just started exploring and love, love, love the poem I read called “That feeling”, I look forward to reading more of your work. God bless. We would hopefully meet soon 🙂


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