A Witness

Hey you!
Yea you with the graceful walk and the dimpled smile
You don’t fool me for a second cause I see you
No not the bouncy wand curls or the perfect red pedicure in those red bottom pumps.
I mean you! The you that I see through those hazel contact lenses.
Under that matted makeup beat, there’s a soul that’s beat up.
And I know you wish you could scrub it all off but shower gel doesn’t go that deep.
Hey you!
Yea you with the confident talk and the charming humor
I see you looking GQ but that suit only hides your skin cause I see you
All six inches of you and the scars that go with it.
Behind those RayBans your optical system has been abused by the things it beheld.
And I can tell, that you can’t …..  because of what your gold card associates would think.
Hey I know!
Yea I know that your wounds don´t show physical evidence and you can’t plaster a broken spirit.
I know that even with the many people around you and the thousands of facebook friends that you are lonely.
And I know though many of them say they love you and you say it too, truly you´re only familiar with the word but you can´t confirm the meaning.
I know daily you wonder of your purpose, your importance and your significance to life
After all, this life doesn’t miss anyone right?
And I know, though your cause seems futile you´re not out of options… there’s one more
so listen

Hey listen!
Yea listen to what I got to say cause i’m not going away.
I see you, I understand you, I know you, I am you!
Hey, Jesus! Jesus is His name and healing is His game.
His joy is yours, His peace is yours. Hope, freedom and victory is yours.
Let Him touch your shattered places, Let Him fill every fault.
Listen all He wants is you, Hey listen, He loves you!
Baby girl you’re precious! Mr Handsome, you’re a lion!
And listen you’re not giving up, you’re not going to lose.
I will not leave you behind, I am here, I am your strength, I am your witness, so listen!

(​Come to Me, all ​you​ who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give
you rest. Matt 11:28​)

Copyright 2016

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