Give Thanks

So I just completed my 21 days of thanks where each day I wrote down 3 things that I was thankful for. Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong! I struggled.

It’s easy to start thanking God for the bigger things- the house, the car, the job- but a lot of those ‘bigger’ things I really couldn’t list (yet). So I had to concentrate a little harder, dig a little deeper and once I stated the obvious, I had to dig deeper still. Some days it took me so long to come up with some points but it’s truly amazing how many seemingly small but important things we take for granted.

As the days went by and I wrote different items, I could honestly say that I felt the value I placed on some elements increase; the fresh air I breathe, having clean running water, a bed to sleep on, health, discernment, contentment, music!!!!

So much beauty to embrace. But a lot of the beauties of life get ignored because we constantly dwell on the many things we don’t have. The purpose of this exercise is not to focus on a grocery list of lack but to look around and within and appreciate the many things that we’ve been blessed to experience.

What are the things or who are the people you would miss if they were suddenly no more?


Take a few moments to reflect on some facets of life that you are grateful for.

Keisha 🤗

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