About Keisha

Hello world!

Welcome to my comme ci, comme ça venture into writing!

From the amazing 13 square mile island of Carriacou which is of the Tri Island State of Grenada (Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique) 🇬🇩. Fun lover, Fashion lover and (most importantly lol) Food lover.

Follower of Christ….that´s Jesus the Christ!

B.sc. Psychology 

Reader, Music lover, Movie watcher, Adventure Seeker… you know all that cliché jazz!

Love to write.. Avid Youtube junkie. I´d love to say I know what am doing but nope!... #TheLife

Just a small island girl on a journey with happiness! Hopefully you enjoy the ride! 

Sincerely, Your Social Weirdness

Keisha A.

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