My Year!…. In GIFs 😆

January February March April May June July August September October November December Why I feel like there were more months in the year lol Enjoy what's left of 2018!! Crossover safely and see you in 2019! 🎉 Love, Keisha 💫 All GIFs from Gify

2018 – The Lessons

Soooo (😆) regardless of how off script (my script lol) the year seemed to have went, a year without lessons would be a wasted year. As I consider the trials that I endured in 2018, I realize that several messages are notable. Some of which point to standards that I need to establish in my... Continue Reading →

Tag!! I’m it

Sooo I know these tags have been out forever but I've never done one really and I love reading those from others. Since I've decided to start posting a little bit more, I'm seizing the opportunity. Here are a few facts about me.... What's your full name?... Keisha Sadia Alexander How much do you weigh?... Continue Reading →

Give Thanks

So I just completed my 21 days of thanks where each day I wrote down 3 things that I was thankful for. Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong! I struggled. It's easy to start thanking God for the bigger things- the house, the car, the job- but a lot of those 'bigger' things I really couldn't list... Continue Reading →

These scars of mine help remind me that it was not over... ~'Scars' by Positive ft V. Rose #Still_IRise

The Pursuit of Happiness

As I look back on old journal entries, I started wondering if there was ever a time that I was truly happy. My heart has always been filled with so much love but my thoughts were dismal. So much pain and sadness concentrated in one place for so many years. I thank God that He... Continue Reading →

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