I see the pain in your eyes, the disappointment from those who came, conquered and left and the happiness you seek. The darkness within you screams for peace, the scars of the torment is evident, your spirit is weak. Come unto me, put your burdens on my shoulders, cast your fears at my feet. Exchange... Continue Reading →


I can't tell you all the times I tried to fit in. Waste of time, thought and energy on a puzzle that was not my story Realizing that I was an irregular piece refined by the flames I went through Yet I am a carrier of flames that are ever evolving, Created to create and... Continue Reading →


I remember when I fell for you, we were about 8 years old. It was the first day of the fourth grade and the first time that I saw you. Even then you had flow rocking that yellow polo and those black Reeboks with the yellow spotted laces. Your book bag even matched your lunch... Continue Reading →

Let Love Live

To love is to let love love and to take not love. To shape that love, elevate that love and to proclaim that love. Break not love don´t erase that love, generate this love and then trace this love. It is proud this love, never hiding love, ever trying love, never dying love. Procreate that... Continue Reading →


Lord help me. Am not where I ought to be nor where I want to be. Some days life is crushing me, seriously. I know you´re here but sometimes I feel so alone, unloved, unwanted, neglected . I feel like no one cares. I feel like my desires and my goals are not important. I... Continue Reading →

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